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Prayers For Eden

Thy colours blew through stark land...

..barren with waste.

Thy scent lingered the sleeper awakened..

Thine heart gave pulse to realms in thralls of mortality...

...Resounding the death rattle for all the universe to hear.

A plea for mercy....
                                         .. for the final bell to toll.

Oh simple, sweet, ..repose.

With breath that gasps deeply... neath heavy breast.

As budding flowers pulled away from soot and mire,
              ............with one last chance to feel the light's rays..

....and blossom their beings. 

We hath arisen rich.


 .................." Doth thou allow this simple tribute?"

Thy body hath left this land fertile.

Dew kissed petals.... glossed...

...warmed...             thine benevolent virtue. 

..This mass burns effigies to thee. 

Ye nary asked a thing in return.

In thy quiet humble regality.

Shall I always look to thee... ..

These hands clasp forever....

We two,
                      ....lain amidst brambles upon the earth..

Thine last breath.... 

     ..for thee.

Paint me a picture

This soul.... pieces

.......... at thy feet.

Soo lurid a broken portrait.

Soo much missing space



Too finely displaced.

a void

.............. where once was your face.

............ Only thine hands can mend.

....thine eyes could rend ...

Such exquisite a masterpiece.

...........anew again..

Feed My Disease....

Ill   .. At Ease.....


Darling ..... Please..


Take your yearning hands  .... off of my throat..


I know it's hard baby........ Soo fucking hard


But    ... today is no day


for  your  favourite  games.. ...


BEAUTIFUL..... 100,000 people of Occupy Oakland shutting down the freeway!!


Forgotten Flesh.

This heart is where thou comes to die..


Place thy breath inside me...


Forget thy prayers.


Thou's flesh hath seen all pleasures and pain..


Feel it now for the last time....


feel it go up in flame...


Come unto me..


searing eyes upon blistered skin






Walk on   ........


                               .....let fires consumes thee..

Death MAte

You enter this heart, and leave.. a cold vacuous space ... once it held something... what?

We may never know.

You better believe me, hell has it out for you.

So keep on running..

these beasts lapping at your every tread.. blood on their tongues and death where should be hearts.

Find peace knowing you fought well.

For nothing.

in your fall as prey ... the daemon took your life...

never a thing but food for thee masters......

Little succulent rabbit ......

Now blood flows freely.

For  All.


Homme  Today at 9:15pm | Edit Note | click="ask_delete_note(376948717446, 'note_376948717446', 10,690111431,'Homme','/note.php?note_id=376948717446', 0); return false;">Delete

This tenuous balance ..

On pinnacles of pins... grazing the borderline..

Dancing on elation's razor thin patience...

How does ignorance portray you...

How does this universe hold you....

Obsolete she finds you..... her inertia quickens... gravity pulls..

Cower ye, in the mass shadow of mastery... which is her....

In instantaneous motion .... a purification of pestilence ...

the grasp is weak, child.. hold on to thine own last thought .. they are ripped from you.

Taken from whence they came,

they were never yours .

Try as one might cling... the hands of time, nought but spatter patterned sacrifice.. you'll end.

Parasitic fledgling.. you have held on for too long..

The squander hence becoming refuse.

She has ... but to scratch...

and the cycle begins anew.

Her garden of gift, one day thriving again..

as you watch on ...from the outreaches of your darkest nightmares..

Upon encountering ... dreams in denial solidify in the face of horror.

A holocaust of the heartless.

welcome yourself to the fire...

... . .

Weep child... for your mother, she has carried you....

It is your time.

Fall away ...and throw yourself unto the wind.

A Drop in the Ocean..

One searches ... yet..                  ...sees Nothing.


One touches..

                   ...yet feels Nothing.

One listens ...

      . . .

...yet hears  ..Nothing.


One tastes ...     ...the sweet bitterness ....of Nothing.


One seeks ...


                yet finds   Nothing.

Then.. and Only then..

Is there truly...    



 .....................amidst ....your company...


those  familliar guests..


You..                       ...and Me.....



                              .............. ........... ...Thee strangest of bedfellows...  

... Nothing Keeps..






You Dig In a Little Deeper...



..... baring my arms..

                                     ..for the feed...


You take everything..


                                      I give ALL.

Just a simple observation.

It's truly saddening to see how many uneducated people there are in this world, especially when I log onto this site. What Exactly is it about this place??  Never have I seen such a prolific surplus of questions that can only come from one Willfully ignorant, all in one place.


 Say ..... someone asks a question that they could easily answer on their own, (but haven't yet for some reason) yet they seek others to do the work of finding, and presenting, the answer FOR them? Are they just THAT lazy, preferring others to do the work, instead of learning for themselves?? If this is the case, I can't condone that, and won't participate therefore.

"Give a person a fish and they will eat for one day. Teach a person to fish, and they will go hungry no more. "


.... .... ....  .... ..

 These questions followed by equally, or ever more ignorant/flippant answers. In the somewhat rare case of anyone is asking a very complex, and trying question. One that they have tried to, but not been successful in finding the answer themselves,  and someone else, taking the question as a serious opportunity to unveil some sought knowledge to the query, the answer'ees "answer" is hardly voted for above some other stupid unhelpful answer. I mean Really? Do you support staying stupid?? I surely as F*ck do not. Though I suppose if people actually wanted to know the answer to the questions they post, they have would looked it up their d*mn selves, using the same vehicle they used to post the stupid question in the first place. This being the Endless wealth of knowledge that we know as the Internet. But I suppose that may require too much thinking on one's part in the first place.


My reaction/solution, : tell the person to look it up themselves. if they can't figure that out, after having already navigated a site such as this... then it's survival of the fittest. One who cannot stand on their own, and adapt will not proceed forward in life. Sink or Swim. End of story.

 It is one thing to ask for help from a group of friends, when one is in dire need. It is quite another, (Abuse) when the answer is there for someone, but they are too lazy to grasp it themselves. Instead taking to Using others to do your work. I do feel that not telling someone to look up an answer in a case like this, is condoning laziness, codependency, ignorance, and just bad form in general.

 I am quite aware of my own inefficiencies, and work hard on developing against them, while growing my knowledge on my own, unless someone is getting paid to teach me..I take offense to others developmental laziness.  Nobody is perfect, but when it comes down to your own edification, ultimately be Proactive.





Defying the Pomp.

Pleixy Blog..

This isn't by pleix, but it's a fav of mine nonetheless.. ;)

You can make my skin crawl...


If you want...





A Vat of Acid.

I want you to know...

 You are the single most .. astounding being


.........................I have ever ... in my life, had the pleasure of  encountering..


Your existance leaves me grasping at what was once thought as reality..


Where you walk is left saturated in grace and passion..



My husband..


   ...may you continue to walk the depths of this soul,


Past the confines of this flesh..


Unto the aether...

Makers Of Vaccination Refuse To Take H1N1 Shots.

Well well well.. Imagine that.

"Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth ....






Kahlil .. spoke the truth.

& just how it came to be...


 In this multiverse there is only you..


You ..


By way..

                        Of chance..

  a stranger it seems..


    ..brought to this plane..   on the sigh of a breeze..

This place of truth,.. and lie .

  It's a subtle voice... ,      


you breathe..
...of secrets sworn, and dreams asunder..



Amidst the singing boughs of  trees ....

whispering..             pleas..

  unto me..




" Please.."


     Lips moving..                                                  


                                                 .as i tremble..
             .......... .  .   as I gaze.



.."I know this hand"..

         ..reaching through these leaves..

..I know this being..

Reaching through to me..


 I have sought..  to see..

...   the heavens of this sacred earth.


 You have fought to be.. 


....this celestial body in birth..



Your stars have lived in mine eyes..


 It has always been....


Your stars..

                                                         ...hath lived in mine eyes..

.. The words escape me.. there is no time.





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